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Africa Almanac website

Winner, Best New Website in Africa, individual category, Highway Africa Awards, Grameston, South Africa, September 14, 2001.

Featured website, Website of the month, BBC World Service, Network Africa breakfast show, October 12, 2001.

The “Top 100 Africans of 2001”, reproduced in the Sunday Vision newspaper, Kampala, Uganda, January 20, 27, 2002.

Excerpt from “The 700 best-known Africans”, published in the Sunday Vision newspaper, October 6, 2002.

Excerpt from “The 700 best-known Africans” published in the Mercury newspaper, Durban, South Africa, January 6, 2003.

Ranked as one of the top African websites, by www.topsites.us

Rated as one of the top websites on Africa, by www.bestspider.com

“Africaalmanac.com….is easily the best source of comparative statistics and facts on Africa…” — Daily Nation, Kenya, May 22, 2003.

What the Africa Almanac

website stands for

Its main objective is to create the world’s largest source of concise information and statistical data on Africa.

To present a “show of force”, giving a prominent face to Africa on the world stage, especially in the new and rapidly growing computer-linked information network, the Internet.

To publish news from and on Africa, emphasizing the best angle to the continent’s developments, in direct contrast with most of the influential western news media, which tends to amplify a negative news perspective.

To publish important statistical data on Africa, ranging from government information, to continental sports records and Olympic champions, country sizes, population, Internet use and the best Websites, airport traffic, African history dates, the Top 100 Africans of the year, Africa’s tallest buildings, the 50 oldest high schools and universities, the best African cities, winners of national beauty titles, First Ladies, and many other concise statistics.